Clinical Champion Call

We are seeking a Primary Care clinician to develop the project:‘Implementing National Early Warning Score 2 (NEWS2) in Primary Care: developing an implementation plan.’

 Are you a GP who would like to champion the implementation of NEWS2 in Primary Care across North East North Cumbria?

We are looking to add to a small team of motivated individuals who are committed to exploring the benefits of using NEWS2 along the patient pathway to help recognise deterioration, and provide a common language promoting better patient care and decision-making.

The challenge is to liaise with Primary Care colleagues in discussion and debate to help identify the challenges to implementation, and develop a clear plan, including:

  • The people resources we need: Clinical and management leadership to define and steer our approach.
  • The methodology: What is the optimum way of implementing change at scale across the region?
  • The technical components: What digital and technical solutions might enhance the use of NEWS2 in primary care, including digital data collection and transfer.
  • The financial options and ask.

The project will run (in the first instance) for 6 months.  It will be a region-wide programme focused on General Practitioners but considering Primary Care as a whole.  We are looking to support:

1 GP session per week

Accountable to: Medical Director AHSN NENC & Patient Safety Collaborative Lead

The Process

If you are interested in championing this exciting project, please submit an initial expression of interest, of no more than one side of A4, which defines how you would deliver the programme, and the approaches you would take.

On receiving the expressions of interest we will work with the best proposals to understand the detail behind the proposals, and then decide who we commission.

Deadline for expressions of interest 30th August 2019 to