Digital Catalyst

21/06/2019 9:00 am @ The Crowne Plaza Hotel

Event Details


The ‘Digital Catalyst’ is a regional event, which aims to convene a highly multidisciplinary mix of participants – some active researchers and others potential users of research outcomes as well as solution providers to drive lateral thinking, radical approaches to address contemporary and modern research challenges, using cutting edge approaches and engagement methodologies.

Healthcare professionals have submitted their unmet needs and a judging panel has assessed which of these projects will be taken forward for support.  In tandem, a number of digital companies are being assessed to match their skills with what is required to fix the unmet need.

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Protecting your input

We would like to bring to your attention the attached document Digital Catalyst Protecting Your Input, which should be read and understood by everyone who is intending to contribute to the discussions.  The aim is to provide a safe and secure environment for discussion and not a barrier for discussion.  The document covers:

(i) confidentiality – confirming that any confidential information that is disclosed, is maintained as confidential; and

(ii) IP ownership – confirming that the challenges or proposals developed do not imply that IP created by a party is automatically given away to another party present.


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