Mind the Gap: integrating human factors & ergonomics into health and social care to improve safety and registration

21/11/2019 9:00 am @ The Durham Centre

Event Details

  • The Durham Centre, Belmont Industrial Estate, Durham, , DH1 1TN


Human Factors & Ergonomics (HFE) in health and social care is rapidly gathering interest and momentum regionally, nationally and internationally. The purpose of the HFE Community of Practice (COP) is to bring together people from across the region who share a passion for Human Factors & Ergonomics and who have a desire to develop its use in practice. It is intended to be a forum where enthusiasts can learn together, share knowledge, experience and resources and to build confidence in HFE.

Through the event, the North East and North Cumbria HFE COP would like to showcase HFE examples, and encourage organisations, teams and individuals to share their HFE stories of success and learning so that delegates can take away ideas, inspiration and an increased confidence of how integrating HFE into health and social care may improve patient and staff safety and experience in their own organisation.

This event will provide an exciting networking opportunity and encourage the HFE community to act as points of contact and support for work streams that are initiating HFE projects and for spreading and adapting successful projects, with appropriate acknowledgement, to meet local need outside of the originating organisations. Using the Q and AHSN regional and national platforms of communication it is the intention of the NENC HFE COP to proactively share, receive, adapt and embed sustainable HFE practice both regionally and nationally.

Plenary speakers:

Mr James Titcombe OBE and Professor Paul Bowie will be playing an integral part in this event as well as individuals and teams providing exciting breakout sessions / presentations from across the region. It promises to be a fantastic event.

Call for Posters

The HFE COP & AHSN NENC are issuing a call for Abstracts / Poster Presentations to be showcased at the event.Criteria of submission:Your submission must be on a topic related to Human Factors & Ergonomics (HFE) within Health and Social Care. It could relate to a project that you and colleagues have been involved in or a HFE proposal that you want some feedback about. We are looking for practical examples about how a HFE approach has enhanced either patient safety, patient experience or work satisfaction.We respectfully request that all showcased work may be freely shared on request to delegates and that you would be willing to act as a point of contact or support for interested organisations / staff and, ensuring that recognition is given to original work stream(s), your work may be adopted across Health and Social Care to meet local need.