Patient Safety Collaborative/Q


Patient Safety Collaboratives (PSC) are national programmes to improve the safety of patients and ensure that continual patient safety learning sits at the heart of healthcare in England. The collaboratives empower local patients and healthcare staff to work together to identify safety priorities and develop solutions.

Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Event (5th October 2016) Video Summary

In the North East and North Cumbria, we deliver the programme via:

Supporting projects on key national priorities:

Healthcare Associated Infections (Sepsis and Community Acquired Pneumonia); Pressure Ulcers; Deterioration in Children (RESILIENCE); Acute Kidney Injury; Falls Prevention. We also funded projects in mortality and behaviour change intervention (ThinkSAFE).

Building capacity:

In partnership with Health Education England, we established a practitioner-led patient safety and quality improvement Executive. The members of the executive are all recognised regional and national leaders in the field of patient safety and quality improvement. The Executive will continue to support the PSC work and have established a regional forum on quality improvement.

Stakeholder engagement and dissemination:

We continue to engage with key healthcare stakeholders and collaborate with other AHSN’s Health Improvement programmes. We have organised masterclasses and events attended by more than 500 healthcare staff.

Alignment to national initiatives:

We are closely aligned with the national Health Foundation’s Q initiative and support the dynamic community of Q Members in the North East and North Cumbria. We are also aligned with the “Sign up to Safety” national campaign.

The following resources provide an overview of the programme:

The PSC webpages are structured to provide information in the following areas:

To find out more about the PSC Programme please contact the Programme Manager: