The Improvement Toolkit is for staff who work in healthcare, leading teams/directorates/departments involved in culture and/or quality improvement work.  It is split into 2 main sections and is available to download for your use.


Publications are regularly produced on the contribution and economic value all 15 AHSNs have made to the UK economy:

The Innovators Sept 2019

Innovation exchanges: delivering economic growth Oct 2018 through The AHSN Network


This report demonstrates our achievements over the last five years and what we are looking forward to over the next five years in our 2018 AHSN NENC Impact Report


Find out about our work with the Pharmaceutical Industry in this short report Improving Health Outcomes and System Efficiency Through Collaboration with the Pharmaceutical Industry


The AHSN NENC in collaboration with the British Lung Foundation and Newcastle Healthy Lungs has created the video “Changing Lives – Breathing Better” to promote the value of Pulmonary Rehabilitation (PR).


This recently published paper by two of our colleagues focusses on exploring the implementation of an NHS England-funded pilot projected aimed at deploying clinical pharmacists in an integrated urgent care setting.