Bone Health

The Bone Health Programme aims to improve health outcomes for patients who have suffered a fragility fracture or are at risk of sustaining a fragility fracture.

The NENC has the highest rate of emergency admissions for hip fractures of all regions in England, and is significantly above the national average. Falls and Fractures cost the NENC over £84m per annum.

The Bone Health Programme will promote improvements in bone health assessment and identification of people at risk through;

  • A clinical educational and training programme
  • Targeted case finding
  • Effective treatment pathways
  • Medication compliance.

The AHSN NENC is currently working on several Bone Health projects in collaboration with CCGs, GP Federations, Interface Clinical Services (ICS), Amgen and Kyowa Kirin with some fantastic results. Continue to check this page for regular updates.

For more information about the AHSN NENC Bone Health Programme contact Sue Hart