Q Initiative

The AHSN NENC has engaged and supported the Q initiative since its inception in 2015.

At national level we recruited the regional founding cohort and supported this cohort to attend co-design events for the initiative. At regional level, by supporting away days with the regional Q members, a quality improvement network and infrastructure was created in the region.

As at December 2017 the North East and North Cumbria has 145 members. Applications for additional members started in June 2018. More information about becoming a Q member can be found on The Q website.

A New Approach for Q

The governance model now being piloted for Q aims to provide an approach to distributed leadership and decision making that is consistent with the overall goals and values of Q. The model is values-based and inclusive, as well as being robust and accountable. The model facilitates two-way relationships between national and local activities, as well as strong relationships with existing improvement organisations and networks.It also ensures that these are well managed as the Q community grows in size and complexity.

The rationale for the pilot is to test the value of local groups to provide stewardship of the Q community and its resources, build strategic alliances,facilitate learning and development and help the Q community to grow in size and influence.