Safety Culture

The NHS as a whole has yet to achieve the right safety culture and there is much we can do, in all areas of work, to develop a collective ‘mindfulness’ towards safety and for delivering safe care.

There are many factors that help grow a safety culture. These include;

  • Stable and inspiring leadership that listens to the voice of staff and patients
  • Safety as a top priority
  • An engaged and empowered workforce
  • Excellent team work and communication
  • Just Culture and psychological safety
  • Shared responsibility and individual accountability for delivering safe care.

The Patient Safety Collaborative (PSC) has a great platform to support Culture work across the country. The NENC PSC culture work in 2018/19 will focus on supporting Boards to understand the role of leaders in shaping a positive safety culture, supporting organisations to be able to measure culture and take actions to drive improvement.