Philip Kyle

Project Manager

The Q Community and Patient, Public Engagement / Voice (PPI / PPV), Digital

Phil joined the AHSN in November 2018 as Project Support with responsibility for Q Community reinvigoration and growth, Supporting the Communities of Practice Human Factors and Ergonomics (CoP), Patient, Public Engagement (PPI) and Medicines Optimisation programmes across NENC.

Phil has 17 years Military service including active service, 18 years at North East Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (NEAS) in a variety of roles including Operational, Project Management and Cost Improvement with a special interest in Falls in the elderly.  He has also spent time at The Clinical Research in a variety of research projects at Newcastle University and the last 18 months prior to joining AHSN NENC, working in the clinical environment at The Freeman Hospital Ward 38 (Transplant) and Cardiothoracic ITU. He has a BA (Hons) Degree Business Management & Leadership and an MSc In Clinical Research and Leadership.

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