North ICP Clinical Guidelines

The North Integrated Care Partnership (ICP) Clinical Guidelines project, funded by the AHSN NENC and supported by the ICS Digital Workstream, aims to standardise clinical guidelines and enable front line out of hospital staff to access these guidelines.

The AHSN NENC has brought together healthcare organisations within the North ICP, and the project has engagement and representation from stakeholders in:

  • Newcastle Gateshead CCG
  • North Tyneside CCG
  • Northumberland CCG
  • Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Gateshead Health NHS Foundation Trust
  • Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
  • Cumbria, Northumberland, Tyne & Wear NHS Foundation Trust
  • North East Ambulance Service
  • Northern Cancer Alliance
  • Area Prescribing Committee

Project Aims

The North ICP Clinical Guidelines Project aims to standardise clinical guidelines across the three local CCGs, Newcastle/Gateshead, North Tyneside and Northumberland, and share these out to primary care via a portal on an established online platform, Clarity TeamNet.

How this will work is outlined in the following process map.


The basis for this project originated from a recognition that there was a lack of consistency in clinical guideline development and subsequent sharing of those guidelines across the region.

Project Scope

To support the scoping of this work, in May 2019, the AHSN-NENC provided funding for Dr Tom Zamoyski, Dr Catherine Lewis and Dr Helen Ryan to develop a project brief to address this issue, and begin the foundation work which:

  • confirmed that there is no single, central source of information – organisations and providers have their own websites and publications.
  • brought together healthcare partners in agreement to support an approach to enable front line out of hospital staff to access standardised guidelines.

Their Final Stakeholder Report was presented to stakeholders at an event in December 2019, and this supported and recommended continuing with further investment, beginning with a focus on existing clinical guidelines.

Final Stakeholder Report

Project Team

Leading on this project are Heather Tebbutt, Knowledge Specialist Librarian, a role funded by the AHSN NENC and hosted by Northumbria Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, and Liz Brown, Health Programme Manager at the AHSN NENC.

Dr Sarah Louden has recently joined the project as Clinical Lead, funded by the ICP for two sessions per week. Dr Lesley Ashton has provided guidance and input since the start of the project and will continue to offer support on an informal basis.

In addition, Northumbria Healthcare have also identified funding to provide administrative assistance to support the project.

Governance Group

North ICP stakeholder representatives meet bi-monthly as a Governance Group with responsibility for giving a steer and removing any blocks to the progress of the project.

Governance Group Terms of Reference

Operational Group

An Operational Group has been set up, with representatives from each of the stakeholder organisations, who meet monthly to ratify clinical guidelines for publication into the North ICP TeamNet portal.

Operational Group Terms of Reference

If you have any queries about the North ICP Clinical Guidelines please email [email protected]

Progress to date

An introductory Governance Group meeting was held with representation from all the stakeholders across the North ICP on 1st October 2020. This “kick off” meeting set out structure, process, expectations and next steps. The nominated representatives from each stakeholder organisations will take a strategic, clinical or operational lead role going forward.

There are ongoing conversations with all stakeholders to build up a picture of current approaches to guideline creation and distribution as well as usage of Clarity TeamNet to gather feedback on issues, advantages and disadvantages and to understand the environment and scope out what can be done and where value can be added. The North ICP TeamNet portal is now active and ready to be populated with agreed content.

The project team are working with regional clinical leads to identify guidelines for publication into the TeamNet portal.

Collaborative working

The team are working closely with the Clinical Digital Resource Collaborative (CDRC) to align active/prospective work with their priorities.

Shared learning

To ensure the project benefits from existing learning and guidance, the team are working closely with project leads from Central ICP, South Tyneside and North Cumbria who have successfully implemented their own models of sharing in TeamNet and Health Pathways over the last five years.

Bi monthly meetings are held with the leads for the other guideline projects across NENC to ensure shared knowledge and best practice, and to support each other by not duplicating work unnecessarily.