INR Self Testing

Newcastle Hospitals Anticoagulation Services are now offering self-testing for people taking warfarin. It allows people to do a finger prick blood test to measure their International Normalised Ratio (INR) on their own device at home. People are supplied with a Coaguchek® device and testing strips by the warfarin clinic specialist nurse and given training on carrying out a test and using the telehealth system.

Patient self-testing has been shown to result in more time spent in the therapeutic range, fewer very high or very low INR values, improved patient quality of life, and increased treatment satisfaction as compared to usual care visiting hospital or community anti-coagulation clinics.


This project is part of the AHSN NENC Optimising Pathways for Anticoagulation in Newcastle (OPAN) Programme

In January 2018 the AHSN NENC, in partnership with Newcastle Gateshead CCG and the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust launched a novel personalised clinical pathway of anticoagulation treatment for AF patients in the Newcastle area as part of OPAN. The pathway comprises three innovations: warfarin sensitivity genotype testing before choice of anticoagulant is made, then where appropriate, genotype guided warfarin initiation, and subsequently an option for patients to self-test their INR at home.