Regional Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) Service

The North East and North Cumbria (FH) Service is committed to ensuring all patients with FH receive the best care.

Familial Hypercholesterolaemia: identification and management NICE CG71 Updated: 04 October 2019 recommends systematically searching patient care records for people at the highest risk of FH as follows:

  • younger than 30 years, with a total cholesterol concentration greater than 7.5 mmol/L and
  • 30 years or older, with a total cholesterol concentration greater than 9.0 mmol/L

The FH service started in 2015 and has two full time nurses Susan Musson and Aimee Potter. Referrals currently come from Lipid clinics across the region. The index/proband is then offered an assessment visit or phone or web call.

Nurse led Adult clinics in South Tees, North Tees, Morpeth, Hexham, Bishop Auckland, Cumberland Infirmary, West Cumberland Infirmary, Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Royal Victoria Infirmary, Centre for Life and Sunderland Royal Hospital.

Paediatric clinics in Sunderland Royal, South Tees, Cumbria and Great North Children’s Hospital Centre for Life

  • Relatives are contacted via indirect contact of reply slips or direct contact is made
  • If out of area a referral can be made to other FH services across the UK

 The NHS Long Term Plan has set an ambition of expanding access to genetic testing for Familial Hypercholesterolaemia (FH) aiming to identify at least 25% of those affected in the next five years through the NHS genomics programme.

To support these objectives the FH nurses have launched an e-referral service and Advice and Guidance service to help primary care identify suitable patients for genetic testing.