The AHSN NENC’s Frailty Programme encompasses a wide range of initiatives focused on improving care for older people living with frailty.

A New Regional Frailty Initiative

AHSN NENC is a key partner in a major new regional frailty initiative, led by the Care Closer to Home Network for Cumbria and the North East (CNE), to address the increasing challenge of frailty. The aim is to develop a collective approach to frailty across the CNE region to drive the region’s progress in our understanding of frailty and its consequences for people, communities and care systems, and to facilitate the development of better ways of preventing frailty and supporting those living with frailty.

A regional ‘frailty toolkit’ has been developed, based around evidence-based approaches to care across the frailty journey, with underpinning standards and outcomes. The goal is for the toolkit to become an innovative, live and interactive tool that will be a resource for the region to use, explore and build collective knowledge around frailty. Local health and care economies will be able to benchmark their existing care provision and outcomes against others in the region, to identify their priorities and then draw on expertise across the region to improve the care they provide. The programme will be embedded within a regional frailty ‘community of practice’ to drive the work forwards.

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The regional STP/ICS is very supportive of this work and have committed resource to support it. Significant consultation has already been undertaken with key stakeholders, system-wide, across the region with further engagement events taking place throughout 2018. The programme team are working closely with NHS England’s national frailty group who are very supportive of this work.

“Your work on frailty is completely aligned to the approach we’re promoting in NHS England and is probably the most advanced work in England which tackles frailty across a large geography.”

David Bramley, Deputy Head and Programme Lead, Clinical Policy Unit, NHS England

A series of improvement projects 2014-2017

We have worked with a variety of stakeholders to support the implementation of nine improvement projects across the region, all featuring innovative approaches to improving the care of frail older people.

Projects include initiatives to:

  • Train staff working with older people in care homes and the wider community
  • Digitally monitor hydration and nutrition status
  • Improve end of life care
  • Provide information for people living with dementia and their carers
  • Streamline referrals across health and social care settings.

The projects were highly collaborative, each involving a range of stakeholders; in total 8 Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), 8 Foundation Trusts, 6 Local Authorities, 5 industry partners and 3 Voluntary Community and Social Enterprise sector organisations were involved across the 9 projects.


A series of Stakeholder Events 2016-2018

A series of events, delivered in partnership with key stakeholders, showcased the excellent work going on across the region out-with the AHSN NENC’s own projects. These events brought together a wide range of organisations and individuals from across the regional health and care economy, with 850 delegates in total.

  • The North East Frailty Summit
  • Communicating Complex Needs Across the Interfaces of Care – Enabling Safe and Timely Transfers of Care for Older People
  • Care Homes Matter
  • Celebrating to Inspire: Older people’s nursing
  • Sharing Innovations in Dementia Care

“Thanks for a fantastic day! It really felt like all the people I have worked with in older people care for the last 15 years were finally in the room! A fantastic network to build on for the AHSN! The atmosphere was exciting and I would welcome more opportunities to share and learn!”

North East Frailty Summit delegate

For more information about the AHSN NENC Frailty Programme contact Anne Richardson