The North East Quality Observatory Service (NEQOS)  has been working closely with The AHSN NENC to produce strategically and operationally important insights into the health status of the region and the healthcare system.

The three main outputs of this are:

  • The outcome measurement framework
  • The health surveillance report
  • Production of a measurement framework for Patient Safety.

Outcome Measurement Framework

One element of this is the design and production of measures to support Programme leads to identify priorities and evaluate the impact of initiatives with respect to improvement in quality or clinical variation. This is an important piece of work as the framework produced across each Programme will ultimately:

  • Provide objective evidence of the current major strengths and challenges for the AHSN NENC in terms of population health and healthcare
  • Enable The AHSN NENC to objectively monitor changes (improvements) in the region’s population health and healthcare processes/outcomes
  • Enable The AHSN NENC to monitor and evaluate the impact of its initiatives (measure success).

Surveillance Report

NEQOS, on behalf of the AHSN NENC has developed a prototype report based on the Public Health Outcomes Framework (PHOF). The NEQOS Health Surveillance Report has been developed to support those involved in healthcare in understanding the main challenges across the region. It highlights strong healthcare in the face of social and economic challenges. This has stimulated considerable interest in the public health needs in the region.

NEQOS will continue to update the surveillance document in light of the feedback from the expert group and as new data emerges. This is the sixth surveillance report update.

NEQOS Population Health & Healthcare Surveillance – Impact of COVID-19

Report 1

NEQOS Surveillance Report 1

Report 2 – Healthcare Utilisation

This surveillance report (Report 2) focuses on a key set of metrics relating to healthcare utilisation hospital activity based information from A&E, outpatient and inpatient settings is presented using the latest data available from Hospital Episode Statistics (via NHS Digital) 1 and primary care activity is also included.

NEQOS Surveillance Report 2 : Healthcare utilisation


NEQOS Health Surveillance Report March 2019

If you would like any further information on this programme of work please contact Andrea Brown.