Q Initiative

Quality in the North East and North Cumbria

The AHSN NENC has engaged and supported the Q initiative since its inception in 2015. Since the early days we have grown our membership to 260+ and rising. By increasing our Q community this in turn increases the QI capability of the region which enables members and partners to freely share, spread and adapt success and learning to meet local need using the combined Q and AHSN NENC communication vehicles.

By supporting and proactively growing our Q community the region benefits from growing and sharing resource, build strategic alliances, facilitate learning and development and help the Q community to grow in size and influence both regionally and Nationally.

Working alongside and in conjunction with the Health Foundation, we share and promote opportunities for our Q community to apply for funding opportunities using the AIMS portal turning ideas into reality for the Health & Social care population we serve across the region achieving the goals and values of Q.

The Q community goes from strength to strength, encouraging networking, the sharing of success and learning regionally but also has the added ability to feed into and receive from the combined National Q and AHSN footprints.

Recruitment to the Q community can be achieved by entering the Q Website https://q.health.org.uk/join-q/ or contacting the AHSN NENC directly for assistance and support throughout the process. Applications from all disciplines and a variety of roles are encouraged and welcomed. With knowledge and experience, developing and sharing different approaches and methodologies to improve the quality of health and care you will contribute to as well as benefit from a community that truly does make a difference.

You will join a diverse community of people committed to and passionate about improvement. Q provides ways and methods for the community to share and support each other by increasing your network contributing to improvement across a health care system that constantly faces major challenges and financial pressures.


A slide deck has been developed which demonstrates the current number of Q members; membership spread across the AHSN NENC areas and regions, and details regarding Q members professional backgrounds Q New Membership slide deck (11/2/20)

Further information

Contact: Phil Kyle, AHSN NENC Q Community Support.

The Life QI NHS 50 plan – find out more.



Human Factors & Ergonomics Community of Practice (HFE CoP)

The AHSN also supports a Human Factors & Ergonomics Community of Practice (HFE CoP) that feeds into the Q community across the region.  HFE in health and social care is growing regionally, nationally and internationally, but those with an interest in its application are dispersed across organisations often with limited resources and remit to apply the principles within their practice. The COP encourages members to share their knowledge and experience, and facilities peer based learning. Members share links, resources and success stories so they can be disseminated across organisations, with the aim to develop confidence and capacity across the region to meet local need.

For further information please contact: Wendy Lunn, HFE CoP Lead Wendy.Lunn@nth.nhs.uk